When we first arrived at the site several years ago, we encountered the challenge of putting to use, in a practical and aesthetically-pleasing way, a large shady slope that made up a considerable part of the garden.  Our answer was to turn a disadvantage into an advantage.

The initial vision the architects of the building had had for the garden was completely different, as they had designated the slope on the south side of the house as a lawn (which would be hardly conceivable with a slope of 45 degrees). As a result of a close collaboration of our garden designer Ansis Birznieks with landscape designer Marta Tabaka and the customer, the present garden project was created over a period of 2 years. The task was not easy when it came to the tree-related issues as the slope is completely shaded by tall maples. In addition to rhododendrons, shade-tolerant shrubs and perennials, the plant cultivars with white variegation have been used thus creating an effect of lightness. Now the slope has turned into the focal point of the garden – it is a flowering oasis for walking, relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the flourishing plants.

We have used railway sleepers to create a retaining wall and steps; the granite sett path has also got railway sleeper details to break up the monotony of the pattern. The slopes have been reinforced with geo-materials. The garden has granite-paved paths. Part of the paving works was carried out by the company Mīts (in front of the house and the descent to the garage). The house is surrounded by English-style vibrant and varied, year-round interest planting, however, the front of the modern house has been enhanced by a geometric plant composition, which will benefit from regular maintenance by a gardener to retain its shape.

Project info

Year:2012 - 2015
Area:~2336 sq.m.
Designer: Ansis Birznieks, Marta Tabaka, Anete Koidu, Katrīna Cukure