This classical-style garden was created to complement a building that is an architectural monument. The client, who had already repeatedly relied on Galantus gardeners before, had a very clear vision for the garden; it had to be a vibrant, flowering, classical and neat urban garden.

Our landscape architect Iveta Grīviņa offered an unconventional approach, and a garden was born where it was not just an individual plant or its shape that played a key role, but rather all the plants en masse that defined the shape and colour. Large clipped plant groups worked well as a means of underlining the majestic and solemn character of the building. The vivid green delights the eye not just in summer, but in winter as well. The garden is located in the city; however, it is secluded and quiet. The customers, realising the importance of the materials and plants to be used in the overall unified ensemble, turned to completely new solutions. – In this garden for the first time in Latvia the unique jointing mortar for granite setts was used that is permeable, but as hard as concrete.  What a great way to prevent ants, weeds, scrubbing, and also – high heels getting stuck!  Also, our choice of planting material allowed us to opt for a garden philosophy that had been seldom seen before. The garden has been the delight of its owners for several years now!

Project info

Location:Liepāja city
Designer: Iveta Grīviņa, Ansis Birznieks