Our objective was to create a cosy, comfortable, family-friendly garden for the family living in a newly-built house. Initially there were only the new buildings and a spacious lawn area at the site. – An opportunity to start something from scratch.  We used geometric composition with emphasis on the centre of the garden.  The centre of the “nest” is a circular lawn of soft green grass surrounded by spacious and vibrant perennial plantings.

One can just step out onto the terrace and be immediately immersed in garden magic – hear plants rustling in the wind, see the spacious lawn, and let one’s gaze wander along the rowan-tree lane towards the wild landscape in the distance. All around the central ‘living room’ of the garden the other functional areas are situated: the fire pit, the sauna area with a hot tub, the kitchen garden with a greenhouse, apple storage cellar, raised herb beds, a bench and a small water pool. The special feature of the garden is certainly the trendy, ecologically sustainable and technically refined naturalistic style planting, featuring a wide range of perennials and wild plants native to Latvia.

Naturalistic style shrub groups separate or link different garden areas and create a windbreak. Particular attention has been paid to architectonic details, objects and materials: clinker bricks, wood top seat-walls, metal firewood racks, and stepping stone paths through the perennial beds.

Project info

Location:Windy place in lowland
Area:~5000 sq.m.
Designer: Katrīna Cukure, Ansis Birznieks