This is an example of how to step by step, by making the right choices and re-evaluating the earlier ones, including several designers taking over from each other and working in collaboration with the project manager, a splendid, harmonious and compositionally unified garden can be created, taking into account the owner’s wishes and the environmental, historical and cultural context.

The creation of this small garden was an exciting journey over a period of more than 4 years. The existing buildings – a house and a garage- and the existing mature trees – lime trees and a pine – provide structure. The clipped lime tree hedge is an asset to the garden, creating a living, green screen for blocking the sightline to the neighbour’s house. ‘The green wall’ along with the clipped lime tree cubes on the opposite side of the garden and the clipped hornbeam hedges complement the architecture of the building and create a slightly solemn but tranquil mood, well-suited to Mežparks neighborhood. The scale of the garden and the planting beds contribute to coziness, individuality, and a real feeling of home.

The garden composition involves harmonious, laconic lines and shapes. In the front garden, the sparkly cropped granite sett path leads you along with the building to the area in front of the garage in the other section of the garden.  On both sides of the front entrance, there are low clipped box parterres embellished with white roses in summer and daffodils and snowdrops in spring. Refined English-style perennial planting with a blue-violet-pink color scheme surrounds the terrace on the other side of the building, featuring a great interplay of various plant heights, leaf shapes, and textures. On the other side of the driveway, in front of the luscious hedge, there is another planting bed of a similar style and plant choice, creating a unified ensemble. A row of espalier lime trees stretches above the hedge. The seasonal change of the garden gets a  special spark from the large English-style perennial bed along the neighbours’ fence in section A of the garden, where groups of flowers, alternating with grasses, rustle in the wind, sparkle with the morning dew, and provide a constantly delightful background to a homely life.

Project info

Year:2011 - 2015
Area:1697 sq.m.
Designer: Ansis Birznieks, Anete Koidu, Katrīna Cukure