‘Evoke the sense of wilderness in the middle of the City’ – close your eyes and let the breeze of the wind, a rustle of the leaves and the scent of the flowers take your mind away from all everyday worries. Let the garden become a functional extension of your living space, intrigue and a surprise. And the presence of the city on the other side of the fence just disappears.
This general feeling and atmosphere of the garden already were present for some time on the minds of the owners. On the first meeting, clients clearly shared their vision and listed all the functions needed for their future garden. Emphasizing that they don’t want the garden to be just aesthetically pleasing, but also to serve as a practical living space, with a large lawn, space for the children to play, few fruit trees, herb garden and a place for compost. In addition, the garden should form a single ensemble with the architecture of the buildings.
Within the garden reconstruction project, existing, spacious and visually transparent front yard has been transformed into 7 different functional garden zones. The garden has obtained depth, life and practicality and every little detail is thought-out with great care and attention.
In front of the house, between the warehouse and the entrance door, is a small front yard surrounded by abundant flowerbeds that accentuates the entrance and at the same time secludes the main lounge terrace which is right next to it.
Surrounded by plants, the terrace has become twice as large as its previous size; there’s a place for a large dining table, seating area and contemporary herb garden.
Herb garden’s raised corten steel planters separate the terrace from the rest of the garden, hiding it from the street. Indeed, they are a functional garden element that gives the freedom to the clients to experiment from year to year – choosing plants from one culture, a generous bouquet of herbs or a combination of annual flowers.
In front of the terrace, there is a spacious lawn with an old apple tree guarding a cozy hut for a family’s offspring and a swing framing the transition to the next garden area.
Behind the swings – modest sized wildflower meadow full of cornflowers, chamomiles and daisies. A pathway brings you to the next garden space – furthest point in the garden, closest to the street. There’s a large, curvaceous flower bed with trees, shrubs, grasses, and perennials in bluish-purple hues, changing scenes all-season long. On the other side of the house, there is a place for currants, raspberries and a place for compost.
This is a contemporary and lively garden for the family – intelligent, sincere and creative people, with their own clear vision of the world and understanding of beauty. For the family whom lawn maintenance gives joy, and the wildflower meadow becomes an experimental field, where, before autumn comes, a haystack could be made. For the family that chooses to have the garden not only as an aesthetically pleasing environment but also as a new hobby.

This is a contemporary urban garden for a family; for intelligent, warm-hearted and creative people who have their own clear vision of the world; a family who enjoy taking care of the lawn, and would experiment with the mini-meadow, where a hey-stack could be made in autumn; a family who chose their garden not just with an eye to surrounding themselves with beauty, but also as a new hobby, a new pastime.

Thank you to Krista, Romāns and Elza for this opportunity to create a personal, special garden for you and bring you joy!

Project info

Category: Completed Gardens
Year: 2017
Location: Mārupe
Area: ~1000 sq.m.
Designer: Sintija Nagle, Ansis Birznieks