This is a garden for a family, for children playing, for beautiful breakfasts on the terrace in th morning, and for long, warm summer evenings with friends. The story of this garden combines cosiness and the romance and privacy of an English garden with contemporary, functional space.

The challenge of this project is the particular shape of the piece of land and the location of the building which divides the garden area into awkward corridors on both sides of the house, with the additional disadvantage of draughts and shade.

The area of the garden that could actually be utilised is not large, so it is of even greater importance here than in the case of a large garden to create distinct zones and privacy, and pay attention to detail. Planting and hedges have an important role here as they reduce the impression of a ‘corridor’ and hide unwanted elements from the view.

To create a link between the garden and the house we boldly apply the strict lines of the architecture to the garden as well. We have envisaged using hornbeam topiary cubes to separate the garden zones, and a geometric-shape plant bed in front of the house. The paving slabs selected for the paths must be of an appropriate scale.

The garden is divided into 7 functional garden areas. A green, formal front garden is separated from the rest of the area by clipped hornbeam cubes. The transition from the front garden to the recreational area is achieved by impressive plantings opposite the living room windows. The plantings give depth to the garden and hide the boundaries from the view.  A highly ornamental deciduous tree will be located in the corner of the garden. In addition to its ornamental seasonality it will also provide privacy from the neighbours.

The spacious lawn area in the garden will be perfect for ball games. There will also be a large terrace for welcoming guests here. Just nearby, one can find a path leading through a tunnel of pergolas to a different part of the garden – a smaller terrace meant for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. The lady of the house is planning to grow herbs in pots on the terrace. At the far end of the garden there is even space for compost, some fruit trees and espalier fruiting plants that will both separate the garden zones and reduce the impression of a corridor. In addition to all that, we are including an unused area in the garden plan for creating a kitchen garden later on should the garden owners wish to complement their garden with it.

This is an excellent example of how a beautiful, practical and multifunctional garden can be created even on an initially problematic site.

Project info

Area:~1500 sq.m.
Designer: Sintija Nagle, Ansis Birznieks