This elegant garden was created with the owners’ wish for beauty, rest and celebration in mind. The atmosphere of the garden is that of finesse of detail and a sense of orderliness. The lines and shapes used in designing the garden have been developed based on the axes in the architecture of the building. The garden abounds in clean, laconic shapes, complemented occasionally by low hedges.

A lot of thought has gone into creating the network of paths in the garden. The finely designed paving patterns have been created using carefully selected materials suited to the amount of use of the particular path and the mood of each garden area. Concrete setts have been combined with concrete slabs of matching hues thus accentuating various garden areas – the driveway, the sunny area next to the roses and the gazebo surrounded by planting.

The garden has intentionally been constructed with different levels, emphasizing the different mood of various garden areas and adding to the 3D effect. The garden terrace has two levels; the front garden has a raised bed, while the kitchen garden sits a couple of steps lower than the rest of the garden.

The plant choice in the borders and beds serves the purpose of bringing out the mood of the garden areas, taking into account the local conditions defined by pine trees, partial shade, and the pronounced play of light and shadows. Spacious rhododendron and hydrangea beds have been complemented by flowering perennials for year-round interest. A renovated rose bed in the sunniest part of the garden has become more vibrant and has more seasonal variation. Furthermore, the atmosphere and seasonal interest in the garden are enhanced by plant compositions in ornamental pots. The large ornamental planters have been positioned so as to highlight various areas of the garden while also adding to the sense of cosiness.

The garden has been like a breath of fresh air for the household. – Morning coffee amongst roses, parties on the terrace, and evening walks to enjoy, to explore and observe the changing nature of the garden, are just some of the advantages.

Project info

Area:~1500 sq.m.
Designer: Ruta Gabranova, Ansis Birznieks