This garden is our pride and joy. It has been flourishing and giving delight to its owners for several years now. Its main characteristics are love of flowers, a diversity of moods, vitality and constant seasonal changes. The presence of the lake, spaciousness and the relief with considerable differences in height all shape the identity of the site.

The steep slope at the front of the house boasts of a lovely rock garden. Just nearby, a riotous perennial meadow hosts The Skein of Love – a sculpture that symbolises family and a sense of togetherness. The owners’ dream of a rhododendron garden has come true on the north side of the garden, while on the south side you will find a spacious terrace with a view to the lake, structured ‘square beds’ and vibrant roses. A bonsai pine tree adorns the garden on the eastern side, emanating the soothing tranquillity of weathered rocks. The orchard, the greenhouse, the children’s play area with the big swing and the flowery meadow with the birch grove all fit organically into the garden. A special place has been allocated to the family oak tree, with the owners burying a time capsule underneath it with a message for the future generations about this special moment.

At the very edge of the lake there is a little holiday cottage with a small beach and plantings of grasses that are at their very best in autumn.

We used turf rolls to get the garden ready sooner. The creation of this garden required a range of complicated engineering and technical solutions for carrying out slope and bank reinforcement, and planting on a slope of up to 45 degrees.

A garden that still fills the hearts of Galantus employees with excitement! It is so vivid, vibrant and exciting! And there are more surprises still to come. We would like to thank Inga, Rolands, Ieva, Kaspars, Davis and other members of the large family for their trust and for our opportunity to participate in the creation of this beautiful garden.

Project info

Location:Sunny place by lake
Area:~5000 sq.m.
Designer: Ansis Birznieks, Anete Koidu, Katrīna Cukure, Sintija Nagle