This peaceful garden is located near the sea on the edge of a pine forest. The main idea of the Garden of the Elements is to present the nature elements based on Vedic astrology; the house is the centre or ether, and it is surrounded by the elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

As the garden is comparatively small but must have all the necessary functional areas, it has been structured so as to let those areas flow into each other while preserving their distinctive nature. The main elements repeated throughout the garden are retaining walls, relief changes, pergolas and vibrant perennial beds of different sizes and styles.

Swings are hiding in the kitchen garden pergolas, and amongst the vibrant flower beds children are enjoying bouncing on an in-ground trampoline. On summer nights light and warmth radiate from the fiery flames in the sunken fire pit while a pergola provides refreshing shade on the hottest of days. At the very centre there is a lawn for a wider view and fun-filled children’s games.

There will be several places for relaxation in the garden where one can feel in touch with the elements and refresh one’s spirit, feel the stability of the earth, the fast flow of the water, the power of the fire and the pure, light and subtle song of the air. 

Project info

Location:Blakus priežu mežam
Area:1109 m2
Designer: Mārtiņš Rūtenbergs, Ansis Birznieks