The modern summer cottage village Mākoņu brīvdienas is a place for open-minded people who love democracy. The customer’s wish was to create a completely naturalistic landscape to surround the original and modern architecture thus complementing it and underlining the holidaymakers’ closeness to nature.

The holiday cottages are lived in over the summer and holidays, and their owners by then have had more than enough of the city advantages and artificial environment, and are ready for some time off next to a natural meadow swishing in the coastal wind.

The area of the village is unified and the properties are separated only by a “psychological” fence – there are posts every couple of metres, complemented by vast and wild shrub plantings, therefore  this area does not need any other maintenance than mowing the whole ‘meadow’ in autumn. In order to create a meadow, a special wild-flower seed mixture was sewn, with a lot of wild flower species. The front area and vicinity of every house have been designed so as to allow for more intensive maintenance and ensuring quality that is required for relaxing, dining and playing games in the garden. – A small lawn and plantings of grasses well suited for this windy place.

The path to the house is a wooden walkway so as to reduce any artificial surface coverings.

A shared street, volleyball and basketball court as well as a designated place for bonfires and a large pond are all a good way to unite neighbours, enabling them to live close to nature while retaining the comfort they are used to.

This project has, of course, been carried out only owing to the understanding of the villagers and their desire to live in a unified and interesting place. There are no other projects of this kind and quality in Latvia at the moment.

Project info

Location:Sakas pagasts
Designer: Iveta Grīviņa, Ansis Birznieks