There is a small garden in the city, where a little piece of Paradise has been concealed among the tufts of shimmering grasses and fragrant peonies. It is a place for relaxation and celebrating life.

A beautiful garden room has been created as a result of garden reconstruction. In its centre there is a circular cobbled area where a table or a fire dish could be placed. The surrounding planting is light and delicate, and is mostly made up of perennials and grasses, providing the garden with seasonal change, lightness, colour and fragrance. Already in early spring the garden is an exciting place to be when the bright bulbs appear. In early summer peonies delight with their amazing fragrance, followed by a display of the vibrant flowers of echinacea, sage and phlox in late summer, while autumn brings the golden shimmer of rudbeckia and grasses. In winter the beautiful staghorn sumac with its distinctive architecture stands out against the muted background.

A narrow loose surface path lets one explore the blossoms and fragrances up close. Along the way, one has the added bonus of picking and tasting the delicious fruit of a blackcurrant or redcurrant.

Details are of particular importance in this small garden space. They add intrigue and interest, and help make it both enjoyable and functional. Custom-made concrete benches with firewood storage underneath for the fire dish are both ornamental and functional. The portable fire dish allows for more variation in the usage of the recreational space. And the simple ceramic angel ornament adds a touch of romance and fragility.

Project info

Area:800 sq.m.
Designer: Ruta Gabranova, Ansis Birznieks