Garden design company Galantus have been creating unique gardens for special people since 1999. The skilful hands and creative ideas of our gardeners enable us to create that unforgettable and unique feeling of ‘MY GARDEN’. We invite you into an exciting and infinite world of beauty, flowers, moods, surprise and joy – the world of garden creation. Whether it is a small back garden or spacious grounds – we have the know-how, experience and passion to create a garden that is just right for you; a garden that would be a constant source of joy and beauty, a work of art that will increase the value of your property and will possibly become your passion. We create special gardens for special people.


Thanks to our experience, knowledge, enthusiastic and professional team and our passion for gardening, we create unique gardens for special people; gardens that are sustainable, intriguing, suitable for the location and in line with architecture, and reflect the garden owners’ values in a language close to nature.


Galantus create unique gardens. We strive for the best in garden design, construction and maintenance. The knowledge, experience and love for gardens that our team possess allow us to satisfy our customers’ wishes and create amazing gardens. We aspire to create gardens in a way that would bring joy to both the customer and us. We aspire to improve our services with each day. We create unique gardens for special people.


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The visual image of the brand and the values it expresses come from the snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) – the strength and determination of the dainty flower as it announces the arrival of another spring; beauty in simplicity; love and striving for perfection. We delight in the marvellous nature and treat it responsibly.